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    AIA Notifications and Messaging Channels

      I am using AIA 3.0 on a clustered SOA suite.
      WebLogic Server Version:
      This is connected to our Active Directory system for users and passwords.
      When I log into the messaging user preferences (https://devsoa.imperial.ac.uk/sdpmessaging/userprefs-ui) using my AD account I can see a message channel named ‘Business Email’ which is my AD address. I am not able to delete this entry.
      In this documentation:
      it states: ‘3.Ensure that the messaging channel name you enter corresponds to an error handling user role name you have created according to information in Section 14.2, "How to Create Error Handling User Roles."’
      I have been advised to use my AD username as the user role so I have been trying to add a new channel with the same name as my AD username. It will not allow me to create another channel with the same email address.
      Does anyone know a way around this?