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    Issue with apex  dynamic action

      Hello Experts,

      I am new to APEX and trying to develop a web application. I have tried to add a Dynamic action on a Button. I am using 11G version. The button is created using 'Button Template'. While I am trying to create the dynamic action have found following error:
      "The selected button uses a 'Button Template' that does not contain the #BUTTON_ID# substitution string"

      Please help me to resolve the issue.
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          Anthony Rayner-Oracle

          When using dynamic actions on template buttons, the dynamic action relies on the fact that the appropriate ID is generated for the button. This validation checks for the existence of the substitution string that emits the appropriate ID. So for example, a compliant button template would look something like this:
          <button value="#LABEL#" onclick="#JAVASCRIPT#" class="button-default" type="button" #BUTTON_ATTRIBUTES# id="#BUTTON_ID#">
          That said, can I ask which theme and button template you are using? You can see the theme by going to the 'Application Builder' homepage containing a report of all the applications in your workspace. Then in the report, click the 'View Detail' icon to the left of the 'Actions' button. This view includes details of an application's theme (under User Interface Theme).

          The reason I ask, is that for 4.1 when the button and dynamic action integration was introduced, we went through all themes and tried to add this ID generation wherever we could, but I remember there were a few cases which we didn't do because they had multiple HTML elements used as the button, and it was too late in the cycle to address those properly. Perhaps you've hit one of these, so if you could let me know which theme and button template you are using (and post the button template HTML here), that would help and we'll try and get around it.


          PS: Sorry, not sure what's up with the blank posting.

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