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    POS Supplier Relationship between 11i and R12

      We are in the process of upgrading from 11.5.8 to R12.

      In 11.5.8 when we create/register a external user through iSupplier ( Supplier Profile Administration) it would create record in PO_VENDORS and two more row are created in HZ_RELATIONSHIPS

      as Relationship Code-> PARTY_OF_VENDOR Subject_Type-> Organization Object_Type->POS_VENDORS
      Relationship Code-> VENDOR_OF_PARTY Subject_Type-> PO_VENDOR Object_Type->ORGANIZATION

      The above relation does not get created in R12, it just creates relationship as CONTACT_OF and CONTACT. A new table holds in HZ_PARTY_USG_ASSIGNMENTS (SUPPLIER_CONTACT)

      Question: Are we missing any setups or in R12, the Relationship_Code 'PARTY_OF_VENDOR' will not be created ? Is this documented some where?