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    Will Blanket Purchase Agreement reserves Funds ?

    Anil Aadimulam-Oracle

      If we create a Blanket Purchase Agreement, will it reserve Funds for the Charge account specified for the total BPA value ? or is it reserved for value we release every time against that BPA ( Blanket Release against BPA ) .

      Ex : I have a BPA for 3 years with a Supplier to supply Laptops ( say ex : 10000 in 3 years From 01-Jan-11 to 31-Dec-13 ) and my Budget is allocated for current year to buy 3300 Laptops ( From 01-Jan-11 to 31-Dec-11 ).

      In this business Scenario, If the Buget checking is enabled in Oracle Apps , will approving BPA allocates/reserves funds for total value of 10000 Laptops or will it be based on releases done per supply request ( ex : If i ordered 200 Laptops on 21-Jan-11 , will system reserve funds for 200 Laptops or not )

      Please let me know if my query is still not clear , i can explain it with examples.