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    Unable to create SSL Enabled Http Listener for Sun Java System App Server 8

      I am facing problems while creating SSL enabled HttpListener for my application on Sun Java System Application server 8.1 platform edition.
      I have followed below steps for the same:
      1.) Created self signed certificate using keytool commands as follows:
      a) keytool -genkey -alias <alias-name> -keyalg RSA -validity 365 –keystore keystore.jks
      b) keytool -export -alias <alias-name> –keystore keystore.jks -rfc -file public.cert
      c) keytool -import -alias <alias-name> -file public.cert -keystore cacerts.jks

      2.) Configured in the Admin Console to enable SSL for my server by using the above generated server certificate.

      After the application server startup, opened the Admin Console. Clicked on Configurations - > server-config -> HTTP Service -> HTTP Listeners. Clicked New to create a new HTTP listener with security enabled. The new listener is named HTTP-listener-3, and the listener port is set to 8282. Entered the network address as and selected the virtual server name of my server. Provided the alias name of generated certificate using keytool in Certificate Nickname text box. Restarted the application server.

      After that when I try to access the server URL with the above mentioned port, it does not work.
      Please help me in resolving the issue and creating an SSL enabled HTTP Listener for my server.