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    Data Change Condition Expression

      I need to create a product specification that includes dependencies between order components based on a data change notification wait condition
      How do I define the XQuery expression in the "Data Change Condition Expression" field?

      Specifically, I have 4 order components in the product specification that are independent of each other but each order component can only start when a specific data element has a certain value. The data element is at the order level and is not available as an order line item property.

      I would appreciate if someone from Oracle can provide a more detailed explanation of the fields in the "Product Specification Editor Dependencies Subtab" ->"Wait Condition subtab"
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      Data Change Condition Expression


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          Provide two pieces of information:
          1. Order Item Property
          2. Boolean XQuery expression returning fn:true() to fire the dependency.

          For example:
          Assume you need to ensure all Provisioining items (From) must have reached the "PRODUCT STARTED" milestone , before the Billing Component Items (To) can start.
          Note From Component is also known as "blocking" while the To Component is known as "Waiter"

          1. Data Change Notification property: milestone
          2. Data Change Condition Expression Xquery:

          declare variable $blockingIndexes as xs:integer* external; (: list of From component items - index :)
          let $expectedMilestoneCode := "PROVISION STARTED"

          (: extract milestones values from all provisioning function items matching the expected milestone value , only for the given From component :)
          let $milestoneValues := /GetOrder.Response/_root/ControlData/Functions/ProvisioningFunction/orderItem/orderItemRef[fn:index-of($blockingIndexes, xs:integer(@referencedIndex)) != 0]/milestone[text() eq $expectedMilestoneCode]

          (: Return true only if ALL the milestones in the From component (ProvisioningFunction/orderItem/orderItemRef) are PROVISION STARTED :)
          return fn:count($milestoneValues) eq fn:count($blockingIndexes)