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    Cyclic fulfillment sequence

      I have a not-so-common requirement to design an orchestration plan.
      Assume there are 4 fulfillment functions - F1, F2, F3, F4 defined for a given product specification.

      a. F1 should be followed by F2
      b. F2 should be followed by F3
      c. F3 should be followed by F2 (After F3 is completed the control should go back to F2 execution)
      d. F2 should be followed by F4 (This step should be executed based on a condition that is identified by the successful completion of Function F2)

      How do i implement the above orchestration plan, step-c especially, in OSM?

      I hope i have been able to put forward my requirement clearly. Pls do ask any queries you may have to understand this better.

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