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    Migrating from Oracle SALT 2.0 to SALT 11gR1

      Hi all,

      What are the possible migrating approaches for SALT 2.0 customers who plan to upgrade to SALT 11gR1 release?

      I noticed that SALT 2.0 must be uninstalled before installing Oracle SALT 11g Release 1 on the tuxedo server.

      I verified that Web services generated by SALT 2.0 and SALT 11gR1 are identical.

      I did not find on-line documentation.

      Thanks for the help.

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          Ed Heeren-Oracle

          SALT 11gR1 can be installed only in a directory where Tuxedo 11gR1 is installed and SALT 2.0 can be installed only in a directory where certain earlier releases of Tuxedo are installed, so you will need to upgrade Tuxedo as well as upgrading SALT.

          You can have more than one release of Tuxedo and more than one release of SALT installed on the same machine as long as they are in different directories, so you can install 11gR1 and test your application before making the switch in production. Also, Tuxedo and SALT support interoperability between different releases, so if your application uses multiple machines you do not need to upgrade all releases at once.

          SALT 11gR1 is upward compatible with earlier versions of SALT and many new features have been added since SALT 2.0, including the SCA programming model.

          Documentation on "Upgrading the Oracle Tuxedo System to 11g Release 1" is avaiilable at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18050_01/tuxedo/docs11gr1/install/insup.html and the concepts discussed there are also applicable to SALT.