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    Buying KIT items


      I have two questions:

      1. How KIT items have to be handled in inventory and purchasing?

      2. Does anybody have any idea how to handle following case?

      We need to buy Kit items. Take this example: A is a kit consist of B and C. We need to create a requisition for A. Afterward quotation would be held for purchasing A. Each supplier will propose a price for A, but prices are proposed per different items of A, i.e. prices are for B and C. So when entering RFQ information we have only A but when entering quotation we have B and C. Later on when item is received costing has to be done for A not B and C.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          It seems that the Requisition is for A, the PO is for A and receipt is for A.
          Why do you need B and C on the quotation? It won't be referred anywhere.
          If you want to capture B and C information, you can simply add the lines manually to the Quote.
          There is no seeded functionality that will convert an RFQ for A into quotation lines for B and C.

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi
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            Hi Sandeep

            Creator of PR is not aware of what parts may A have. Later on, when quotation is performed, it would be clarified that A includes B and C. Hence PO has to be created for B and C not A. (Maybe we can handle receiving of different items per a kit, I mean that suppose that user company accepts to receive B and C instead of A). How such a case could be handled?

            If possible, please let me know how we can simulate concept of KIT in Purchasing and Inventory?