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    customer display

      I develop POS desktop application by java , i user comm.jar file to send output invoice to customer display,
      when send string to customer display by COM1 post , it is displayed.
      Sometime when send string including commands for customer display like scroll text or move line , it is displayed as full string.

      commands for customer display
      Command Code (hex) Function Description
      ESC F A .. CR 1B 46 41 [DATA X 40] 0D Write string to upper line
      ESC F B .. CR 1B 46 42 [DATA X 40] 0D Write string to lower line
      ESC F D .. CR 1B 46 44 [DATA X 40] 0D Upper line message scroll continuously

      please can help me about that?
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          It's hard to understand what you wrote there, but my guess is that you meant "When I send commands to the device they get interpreted as text and displayed, rather than being interpreted as commands and executed."

          So based on the code you have showed us so far (i.e. none at all) I'm going to guess that you are sending those commands as text (i.e. using a String) which causes the non-text parts of them to be mangled when you encode that text to bytes. The solution would be to send the command from an array of bytes, or something like that.

          Of course my guess could be wrong; you could post some code which exhibits the problem.
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