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    USD reflecting in Web form

      Hi All,

      Entire Webform is refelcting with USD, i have not selected as "enable multicurrency" while creating the form. Can somebody tell me how is it reflecting automaticaly. It very important for me to resolve this issue ASAP.

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          Jasmine Pauline-Oracle
          The currency code is displayed whenever there are currency overrides. The most likely cause for this is if a member formula or a business rule does not take into account the HSP_RATES dimension. The rule or member formula should only be applied when the HSP_InputValue member is addressed and filtered out otherwise.

          If you do not have any currency overrides but may have inadvertently set the currency code then you may clear the codes with a business rule. However, I would caution just clearing all codes since the code does match a currency it may not have been unintentional. If after clearing the codes you still see currency codes then you should check if there are any member formulas inadvertently setting the code as well.

          In general we use the following script to clear out currency codes:

          FIX ([list of members to clear], HSP_InputCurrency)

          CLEARDATA [member];


          Planning stores currency codes in the Hsp_InputCurrency member so by fixing on this member you will only clear currency codes and not actual data values.

          You may add IF (@ISMBR("HSP_InputValue")) in the beginning of the script and check if that helps.