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    OEG Changing attribute

      Hello all;

      I want to copy wsse username field to another field like uname in message body. How can I copy or modify attributes. ?

      Thanks for replies.
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          Has an authentication event occured? If so then the value of the username will be contained in an attribute authentication.subject.id. You can use this value in the "Conversion" > "Add XML Node" and give the node content a value which will be expanded at run time, for example:


          If an authentication event has not occured then you can extract the value of the user name into an attribute using the "Attributes" > "Retrieve from message" filter, and run an xpath against the message to extract the required value and store the value in an attribute.
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            Thank you user10368035.

            If somebody have this problem, one more advice "Namespaces" is very important. :)