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    Sending messages to java desktop application

      Hi friends
      I'm a little lost.. because i need to do something and don't know if it's possible.

      I have a java application in client-server arquitecture, client program it's in java web start, and my server is tomcat who serves the client petitions and connects a local data base.

      From my linux server (where all the applications and tomcat are hosted) I want to send "messages" or "advices" to the java web start clients, but i don't want to do previously request petitions from the clients for receive responses (like tomcat does )

      That is because i want when a event occurs in my server i want to "advice" to the java clients of this

      It's the communication in the opposite of client-server tipical request... from the server to the clients.
      I'ts possible? what i need install for do this? I have heard about "java message service" technology but i don't be sure it will be usefull for my situation.

      Thanks a lot!