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    Office documents to open in respective client


      We have custom portlets which pull documents from UCM based on certain metadata. As IE is configured by defualt so that excel, word..docs opens in IE browser..we dont want this..

      If any one of you have come across this requirement please let me know how to enable so that office documents should open up in respective client...control panel -> folder option is out of implementation as it will have to done on individual PC and users require admin right on machine....please let me know if any setting is available in WCI..

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          Robert Herrera-Oracle
          that is a browser based setting. when the user click on a link to a doc type the mime plugin takes over and should give an open, save or cancel button. there is no way that i know of to control this browser behavior from wci without having a policy pushed to individual PC's. the next best thing would be to modify the links to open in new windows so that your original window does not go away. i think this is a user based setting within wci when you click on your own profile you should be able to set this.