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    opps. forum problem.

    Subramanian Meyyappan
      Dear experts,

      From morning onwards a try to login into this forum.but no luck.

      @ the end of day, it's logined. please am facing this problem sometimes.

      what is the problem. why i cant do anything.? just i can view the page. but not able to login

      if any problem in adf means we can come to this forum. but but. the problem in forum means where we have to go?. ;)

      oh my god i.. i.. lost a day. :(

      I did not who is take care of this forum, i guess so one of these peoples

      John,Timo,Frank,Shay. is take of forum

      am facing this problem twice in this week.

      problem says:

      by some partial content error and bla bla.