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    Error in BI publisher report

      Hi all!
      Can u help me?
      I know that this error is quite common, but I`ve tried out all the soultions and still can`t get the result.
      I`ve installed BI publisher and attached OIM reports there. All the reports work properly except those, which have date properties. For example, Account Activity in Resource. All of them return ora-08143 error ("not a valid month").

      Let me explain situation more clear.
      There are two fields using date in the report creation menu.
      Date Range From:
      Date Range To;
      They automatically get value like "12/06/2011 05:05:05" using their default values ({$SYSDATE()$}).
      But if I use these values, I get an error.
      I`ve found two ways of solving a problem: 1.) Changing the date to something like "12/Jan/2011" manually (note, that by default month stands first, and to solve the problem I should write it second and NOT in digits). 2.) Changing the date mask in report properties to dd/MMM/yyyy.
      But it`s not the best way to solve the problem. In this case I should change these properties everythere. Or user should (and this is bad :) ). I`m sure, that these reports should work without such modifications, so, error borns on my side.

      What I`ve done:
      1.) I tried to change nls_date_format, nls_language, nls_territory, timestamp_format in database session to different formats.
      2.) I`ve tried to manage all the changes that I`ve told about above.
      3.) I`ve tried to change UI language and report locales (if it`s important, I use russian language and russian report locale). xlf files are all ok.

      What shall I do to fix this error?

      My db is: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
      My BI publisher is: (may be everything is bad because of version, but it doesn`t seem to be so, because every report except date reports work nice).

      Thank u very muck and looking forward for hearing from u.