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    Number of Parallel Threads on sparcv9 processor type

      We are using HotSpot 1.6_29 32-bit JVM on a Sun blade T6320 with sparcv9 processor type. I understand that there are 64 threads (8 cores x 8 threads per core) available on this machine and so I would like to know if the JVM will be smart enough to set the ParallelGCThreads and ParallelCMSThreads accordingly or if I should set these manually because right now I'm seeing GC times take upwards to 2 minutes and getting "concurrent mode failures":

      310006.988: [Full GC 310006.989: [CMS310016.229: [CMS-concurrent-sweep: 15.815/15.866 secs] [Times: user=18.07 sys=0.38, real=15.87 secs]
      (concurrent mode failure): 1893257K->1904639K(1904640K), 104.5500162 secs] 2538377K->2476720K(2549760K), [CMS Perm : 82290K->82263K(140280K)], 104.5509861 secs] [Times: user=104.67 sys=0.08, real=104.55 secs]

      A recommendation if I should leave the default or set a specific number would be appreciate.