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    Configuring stbeehive and chat for android mobiles.

      Hi friends,

      I have seen many of my friends searching for stbeehive and chat configuration.

      Following are the few simple steps to enable you to check mail and chat from your mobile with your oracle id:
      1.For enabling chat in your android mobile first download "IM+" app from android market. After downloading, open the app and click on Add Account and enter the details as given below:
      login: abcd@oracle.com
      password: your oracle password
      host: stbeehive.oracle.com
      Port: 5223
      Priority: 5
      Resource: IM+ Android
      Check "Use old-style SSL"
      and then save.
      Now you can chat with any of your colleagues at oracle

      2.For enabling stbeehive mail in your android mobile first download "K-9 Mail" app from android market. After downloading, open the application and click on add account and following are the details:
      email address: abc@oracle.com
      Password: your oracle password
      click on Manual Setup and click IMAP and enter following details:
      username:abc@oracle.com (append oracle.com at the end)
      IMAP server: stbeehive.oracle.com
      security type: SSL(if available)
      Auth type: PLAIN
      Port: 993
      and click "Next".
      You will get another screen asking for Outgoing server settings. Enter the following details:
      SMTP server: stbeehive.oracle.com
      Security Type: SSL(if available)
      Port: 465
      Leave other details as it is and click "Next".
      Enter the "Account options" as you want and click "Next".

      Now you will be able to receive stbeehive mails and even reply back to those mails from your android mobile.