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    JMS adapter or an AQ Adapter ?


      Please suggest which one is better JMS Adapter or AQ Adapter for consuming messages from AQ Topic.

      Iam using Jdev 11g and working on SOA project. I have seen a blog which supports JMS Adapter rather than AQ Adapter .These are the Oracle JCA based Service Adapter.


      Please provide with some pointer or reason for choice.

      Thanks Mohit

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          If you want to poll some data which of RAW type(clob/blob) or some complex structure you should go for AQ adapters.
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            A JMS queue will allow administrators of weblogic lots of control on the queue. Whether it uses database/file/memory storage, etc. I have been testing with JMS queues and they would be my first choice for SOA to SOA interactions. (Good for milestones etc.)
            Using the JMS adapter you are not able to specify a dequeue time but you are able to use priority (by configuring destination keys)
            We are using AQ’s for Oracle DB to SOA interactions although because we are working with Ebiz we are using the Oracle Applications Adapter.
            Hope that helps