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    Disable PackageKit Update Applet

      Dear all,

      I have installed the latest version of oracle linux. The server is accessed by hundrends of students that do their lab exercises. However, I have a problem with the PackageKit Update Applet. Although I can go the System->Preferences->StartUp applications and disable it for my account, I do not know how to do it for all my users. The problem is that the Authentication dialog asking for the root password to update is continuously popping up while the user is logged in with the gnome environment. Is there a way to disable this feature for all accounts or to work around this issue?

      Thank you,
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          Please provide more info what about what Linux distribution and version you have installed.
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            It is an oracle linux server release 6.1 with kernel 2.6.32-100.34.1.el6uek.x86_64 and GNOME version 2.28.2.

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              Apparently PackageKit itself is a system activated daemon called packagekitd, which is managed by gpk-update-icon.

              I seems you can disable it globally by setting System|Preferences|Software Updates to "never".

              Another approach, which I have not tried though, might be following:

              Disable the PackageKit update applet, using the Startup Applications.
              This will create a file named "gpk-update-icon.desktop" containing "X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=false".
              Copy your "~/.config/autostart/gpk-update-icon.desktop" to the home directory of other users.

              Or as a very last resort, to remove PackageKit from the system: sudo yum remove PackageKit.

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              Setting System|Preferences|Software only affects the current user logged in and does not disable auto-update system-wide. More info at: How to disable yum auto-update in OL6