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        Use zfs create instead of zpool create.
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          Hi SteveS

          When trying to do this i get the following error.

          bash-3.00# zfs create orapool/u02/DATABASE/oradata
          cannot create 'orapool/u02/DATABASE/oradata': parent does not exist

          • 17. Re: Filesystem help
            Use the "-p" option if the parent datasets don't exist. It helps to consult the man page:
                 zfs create [-p] [-o property=value] ... filesystem
                     Creates a new  ZFS  file  system.  The  file  system  is
                     automatically  mounted  according to the mountpoint pro-
                     perty inherited from the parent.
                         Creates  all  the  non-existing   parent   datasets.
                         Datasets  created  in  this manner are automatically
                         mounted according to the mountpoint property  inher-
                         ited  from  their  parent. Any property specified on
                         the command line using the -o option is ignored.  If
                         the  target filesystem already exists, the operation
                         completes successfully.
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