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    Wrong allocation and state of VM's in SGD 4.4 with VDI 3.3

      We are experiencing troubles in VDI 3.3 with the allocation of our Vista VM’s to endusers in SGD 4.4.

      While the login process in to the Vista-VM, the VDI-Manager shows the state going from “available” to “idle”. Then a few seconds later the state falls back to “available”, and it seems that the VM is not used, but in fact the login-process of Windows finished an the User is successfully using that VM.

      The VM is occupied und VDI thinks it’s available, therefore we get users complaining that they have been allocated a client which already is in use by someone else, and this ends in the users kicking themselves from the clients while they are working.

      Generally we wonder if the constellation of VDI 3.3 with the old SGD 4.4 is supported ?
      Any ideas are welcome, Thanks!