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    Change Directories within FDM due to Storage Change

      We are in the process of replacing our storage and the directory names are going to change. I need to identify the places within the application(s) where these mount points are configured, so when we pull off a cutover, we can re-configure the application to point to the new shares with the migrated data.

      Can anyone help out in identifying those places? After we have them identified, we can work on a time to cut these over.

      Other facts about our environment
      FDM, HFM, Hyperion Planning
      Two Applications: One for HFM and one for Hyperion Planning
      Two Environments: One for Testing and one for Production usage.

      \\Test environment share drive\dhyp_fdm$: folders for Data, Inbox, Outbox, and Reports
      \\Production environment share drive\hyp_fdm$: folders for Data, Inbox, Outbox, and Reports.

      Thanks in advance for your responses. Please advise if I need to add any more information to this Forum Discussion/Question.