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    PO Approval stuck in error without any Error message

      Hi All,

      we have few notifications for PO Approval where they are stuck in error without any error message. they are also not showing in the worklist of the approver nor in the wf_notifications table. please help on this on how to solve this. we have done various options to solve the issue like skip/rewind/suspend/retry. but none of them works..... below is an extract of such an notification -

      Error in Workflow POAPPRV/3112-127925

      From SYSADMIN
      To Das, SD
      Sent 12-Dec-2011 16:55:01
      Closed 12-Dec-2011 17:07:30
      ID 164593
      Responder Das, SD

      An Error occurred in the following Workflow.

      Item Type = POAPPRV
      Item Key = 3112-127925
      User Key =429766-245

      Error Name =
      Error Message =
      Error Stack =

      Activity Id = 10770
      Activity Label = ROOT:POAPPRV_TOP
      Result Code = #STUCK
      Notification Id =
      Assigned User =

      Sam D

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