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    Superfluous Error 2019 still there


      This has been discussed in (at least) 2 threads but I want to bring the "Error 2019: Member Mapping specified is not valid" error back up.

      I get this error for every single NUMBER(1,0) -> Boolean mapping I have in my entire model. It's a LOT. It doesn't prevent my web app from running but it is an incredible nuisance and makes troubleshooting real errors very difficult.

      Things I have tried to solve the error:
      1. Put the following in EVERY .config file my application has (DID NOT WORK):
      <add name="bool" value="edmmapping number(1,0)" />
      <add name="byte" value="edmmapping number(3,0)" />
      <add name="int16" value="edmmapping number(4,0)" />
      <add name="int32" value="edmmapping number(9,0)" />
      <add name="int64" value="edmmapping number(18,0)" />
      2. Open the DB connection in server explorer then recompile (DID NOT WORK)
      3. Open Help -> About Visual Studio. Click OK, then recompile (DID NOT WORK)

      Does anyone else have any possible solutions to this incredibly frustrating issue?
      Have any of the ODP developers commented on this issue?
      If there is a different place to go to report bugs please say so that we can get this major annoyance fixed.