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    OBEO installation error - stuck in name change request

      When installing outlook it automatically installs Oracle Beehive Extension for Outlook (OBEO). This is OK but.. during installation it downloads OBEO en request login information: account name and password.

      In this screen I have made a spelling error in the account name (a space instead of a point). I didn’t see this and hit the 'sign in' button what of course returned the error

      'The user name or password as entered may be incorrect. Re-enter your user information.'

      the problem is that the 'account name' field CANNOT be changed what makes it impossible to enter the right account name.

      I have checked the beehive wiki pages but cannot find anything to correct this. I have deleted outlook completely and re-installed it but as soon as the OBEO installation runs it keeps the old (wrong) account name without the option to change it.

      Does anyone know how to solve this?