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    Can I add a second NIC to an exclusive-ip solaris 10 zone without a reboot?

    Recovering Academic
      I have a Solaris 10 exclusive-ip zone with a NIC bge1 already assigned to it. I would
      like to add another vlaned nic to it: bge842003. I have added it to the zone via zonecfg:

      address not specified
      physical: bge1
      defrouter not specified
      address not specified
      physical: bge842003
      defrouter not specified

      I've tried plumbing the nic in the zone, but got an error:

      [17:02:00 zone01]# ifconfig bge842003 plumb
      ifconfig: cannot open link "bge842003": DLPI link does not exist

      I tried adding just bge3 via zonecfg but ran into the same issue.

      Am I doing something incorrectly here? Do I need to reboot the zone to
      make the new nic accessible to the zone? Is there a (safe) method by
      which I can do this without a reboot?