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    planned% complete

      will someone please explain how can get the planned% complete in p6 to draw the scurve?
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          There are several methods, i shall explain a simple method:

          1) Add a resource either man hours or cost for all activities (duration is also used in some cases) and provide the resource budgeted quantity for each activity. The idea is to assign weight age for each activity in the project in terms of same measurement unit.
          2) After assigning the resource for all activities, go to resource assignments and select a global layout eg. assignment grouped by resource. Go to view and enable resource usage spreadsheet.
          3) Adjust the timescale and spreadsheet fileds as per your requirement to enable budgeted,early, late, actual units in the spread sheets in cumulative or time interval wise distribution.
          4) Right click on the summarized resource field (i.e after collapsing all activities to the on bar) and copy the selelction and paste in an excel sheet.
          5) Now you have the distribution of the resources in a summary level of the project which can be used to develop your planned S Curve.

          Note: I assume you are doing this on a baseline schedule without any actual in it.
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            I ended up for this task with assigning to each activity an Expense item with the desired weight, and displaying the Planned Value curve.