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    Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 - Now Available!


      Highlights include:

      * 3x faster code on SPARC T4 than common open source compilers; 40% faster than Sun Studio 12
      * 1.5x faster code on Intel x86 than common open source compilers; 20% faster than Sun Studio 12
      * New Code Analyzer tool for more reliable applications; reports common coding & memory access errors faster than competitive alternatives
      * Enhanced Performance Analyzer tool now with system-wide performance analysis
      * Remote access to Solaris Studio tools from local desktop (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Oracle Solaris)
      * Streamlined Oracle DB & MySQL application development
      * Up to 20% faster compile time

      Check out screenshots of the GUI tools: http://bit.ly/rANGSc

      To learn more and check out the latest feature highlights, briefs, white-papers, documentation and more, please visit:


      Also, check out a replay of the launch webcast: http://tinyurl.com/766gnmw