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    Hello, Am I right place?

      Currently I am play with Java Parser(javac) for personal interesting. It's pretty good.

      I'm going to get some informations from it's AST and store them into my repository. I am not need generate .class file.

      Therefore, I think, I will have many technical questions for doing this job.

      Finally, I found here! this forum :-)
      so, am I at the right place for asking about driving java parser and internal structure? if not, please let me know webpage or other forum.

      P.S. If I am rude, sorry about that. I'm not good at english.


      Minhyuk Kwon.
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          The only answer I can give is "you can try". You see what you need is very specific and incredibly low level; there are a few people visiting this forum that actually know the internals of the JVM and compiler design and might be able to answer a few questions, but I wouldn't count on it. Most of us are high level Java programmers; we know the syntax of the language and know how to use the tools, but not how they are built.

          But as I said, you can try. Perhaps someone has already been where you are going. Note that Sun/Oracle provides plenty of technical documentation you can find answers in. To start with there are the JVM specs:


          Quite old, but most of this still applies. Especially the chapter 4 on "The class File Format" might interest you.