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    OCA - Choice between  1Z0-144,1Z0- 047 and 1Z0- 051

      Hello everyone,

      I am a developer working on Java EE and our DB is Oracle 10g.

      I intend to take an exam that prepares me for :

      1. Writing DDL,DML and usage of functions
      2. Creating cursors,procedures,triggers,indexes etc.
      3. Focus on writing efficient queries - sub-queries,joins,manipulating BLOBs etc.
      4. Creating & using Java-like 'collections' in the DB

      Given the above requirements, I decided to go for OCA certification. I realized the following path from Oracle's site :

      _1Z0-047_ Oracle
      Database SQL Expert
      _1Z0-051_ Oracle Database
      11g: SQL Fundamentals
      Program with PL/SQL
      Oracle Database 11g:
      Program with PL/SQL

      Now,I am quite unsure as to which exam I must target first.

      Given my requirements,please suggest the best approach( I know the basics of PL/SQL )

      Thanks !