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    Upgrading Repository - import error

      I've got Oracle Repository, and I'm upgrading to the latest release. The upgrade utility in RAU is trying to run IMP and stopping on an import error. The error flashes by so fast I can't see what the problem might be. and it doesn't seem to be logging the output from IMP. Is there any way that I can make it use the LOGFILE parameter, or at least do a pause before closing the window?

      Or if you have an idea what is wrong - that works for me too.
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          Never mind - with some information from Oracle Support I found the log of the failed import. Then with the error message, I found out that I was using the import for Oracle 10gR2, but the database on which the repository is installed is 10gR1. So I needed the import for 10gR1 - which I didn't have and you can't download it anymore. Some scrounging around the office finally turned up an installation disk. I installed 10gR1 client - reconfigured RAU to use it - and the upgrade worked.

          Guess I'll need to upgrade the database to 10gR2 some day in the near future.