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    iStore - Price Lists at customer account level

      I was trying having the Price List at Customer Account Level.
      So first I set the profile options as below

      IBE: Use Customer Account Price List to Yes at site level
      IBE: Use Price List Associated with Specialty Site to NULL

      Then I choose 3 PL,
      1. Canadian Price List with CAD as currency
      2. Price List 2010 with USD as currency
      3. Price List 2011 with USD as currency

      Site has the default currency as USD and has Price List Complete as PL

      I did the following.

      1. For Customer A, I set canadian PL at account level.
      2. For customer B, I set Price List 2010 at account level.
      3. For customer c, I set Price List 2011 at account level.

      1. when I login as customer A, no prices are fetched for items.
      2. when I login as customer B, Prices from Price List 2010 are fetched.
      3. when I login as customer C, Prices from Price List 2011 are fetched.
      4. when I login as any other customer prices from Site level Price list i.e. Price List complete are fetched.

      Can you please tell me why only the prices are not fetched from Canadian Price List?
      Is it because the Site currency is USD and PL currency is CAD?
      Does iStore support this kind of functionality

      I tried settting the profile JTF_PROFILE_DEFAULT_CURRENCY to Canadian dollars at user level for customer A,
      but even that did not fetch the prices from the canadian PL set at customer account level.

      If iStore supports this kind of functionality, can you please tell me what I am missing to set?