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    PO Open interface creating PO's in INCOMPLETE Status

      Hi All,

      We are facing a strange issue in our PROD Instance. We have a custom program which picks the PO details from flat file and dump the same into PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE table and then call the Open interface program. This program creates the PO in Approve status, but many times it create one PO in INCOMPLETE status.
      When we run the same file in our DEV and TEST instance then this PO is also created in APPROVED status.

      Secondly when we created another program with "po_reqapproval_init1.start_wf_process" to approve the incomplete PO's then in DEV instance it is working fine (Guess as we already have some INCOMPLETE PO when we refreshed the instance). But when the same thing is tested in PROD then it was moving the PO to PRE-APPROVED status.

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