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    URL /pls/apex not run

      I dont know how to close the thread, so I edit it. thanks Udo!

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          this forum is target at the APEX Listener, which is an alternative web server to host your APEX. Your post is about hosting APEX with Oracle HTTP Server (OHS), so it would fit better into {forum:id=44}.
          I'll try a few shots anyway:
          1. Are you sure it's dad.conf on your system? It should be dads.conf. Probably just a typo in your post, but to be sure...
          2. Did you restart your OHS after you added the configuration?
          3. Is your target database listener actually using port 3010? (Indicated by "PlsqlDatabaseConnectString ServiceNameFormat" )
          4. You'll probably find some error message for the request in the OHS logs, which are (default) located in $OHS_HOME/Apache/logs and are named error_log.<timestamp> .
          5. Is your Alias /i/ "/oracle/Portal/Apache/images" actually set to the directory that contains the images for APEX, and is it readable for the user your OHS uses?


          P.S.: Please close this thread here anyway. If none of these shots helps you solving your problem, please post in the appropriate forum again providing the additonal information (answers to the 5 points above). Thanks!
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