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    I can't see business event in the wf_deferred queue.

      Hi All!

      I have two events oracle.apps.xx.event1, oracle.apps.xx.event2 and two subscribers(custom PLSQL function) for each of them.
      In both subscribers the value of field "Phase" set to 100.
      When i raise the first event(oracle.apps.xx.event1), i can see it in wf_deferred queue and first subscriber works.
      Business logic of first subscriber raises second event(oracle.apps.xx.event2) and i can't see in wf_deferred this event, but second subcriber works correctly too!
      If i raise second event not from business logic of first subscriber, event is added into queue and i can see it.

      Why i can't see second event(oracle.apps.xx.event2) if i raise it from plsql function of first subscriber?