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    Is it required/advisable to remove previous versions of Sun Studio prior


      This is probably a stupid question, but here goes...

      I need to install Solaris Studio 12 on a few SPARC boxes that already have Sun Studio 11 installed. Is it best practice or required to remove any and all previous versions of Sun Studio before installing Solaris Studio 12? Oh, and, if so, how's the best way to do so?

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          It is not necessary to remove old releases. Studio allows having any number of different releases installed on the same computer. If you think you might want access to the old release for comparison purposes, you can leave it in place until you don't need it any more.

          - If you add a release, it must be installed in a different location. If you remove the old release, you can use the old location for the new release.
          - If you have scripts or startup files or your execution path pointing to the old release, you might accidentally use it instead of the new release. Removing the old release ensures you get an error instead.

          The best way to uninstall the old release depends on how you installed it. If you used the package installer, you should use the uninstall script, so that the package database remains consistent. If you installed from a tar file, you can just remove the entire installation tree.
          rm -fr /path/to/installation