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    View Selector left position

      Hi Everyone,

      Can somebody help me, for one of my Dashboard reporting(on OBIEE 11g), I am using 'View Selector'(two VIEWS, both are Pivot views) to show an Analysis report. One of the VIEW is really wide, 'View Selector' option is showing up at top center of the report. Is there a way, to show this 'View Selector' option at the top left of the report, rather than top center. I would really appreciate it.

      This is my first posting, please let me know, if I did'nt explained it good enough.

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          John Nelapatti
          Hi Jeeva,
          I have came across the same type of the requirement and i found a new trick to over come this type puzzles in Obiee 11g. Below is the steps for the solution;

          1) Go the the EDIT VIEW of the View Selector
          2) Select the Caption position as 'Right' in the dropdown list.
          3) Go to the Format Caption and in the Additional Formatting Options, put some Right Padding say eg: 1000 or 1500 according to the width of your view.
          4) Select Done and save the view.

          Now you can able to see the view selector in the left top corner of the view and also you can able to do the same for the right most of your view by the same trick. The only thing is that the Label of the view selector is in the right side of the dropdown rather than the left, but that should be fine i guess.

          Please Excuse if its not relevant or the one that you are expected...

          Cheers & Thanks,
          John Nelapatti