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    3Ware 9550SX 8LP - SATA Raid

      Hi Everyone!,

      I am having a issue with a 3ware 9550SX raid card. i cannot for the life of me find drivers for this thing. i have looked around and found open solaris drivers for this and to no avail can i get them to work. i am new to solaris so maybe i am asking a dumb question but would drivers from open solaris even work on solaris 11?

      so worse case scenario the card is not compatible with Solaris, can someone point out a sata 2 card that works with solaris? it doesnt have to do raid, if it has an external connector so i can connect to a jbod case it would be even better. this system is leaning toward being a ZFS Head controller, so i can manage the raidz via ZFS.

      Any help on this would be amazing.

      thank you guys again for taking the time to read this.