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    guide for structure setup for jd edwards enterprise one

      Hi all

      I am trying to do some setup (on test environment) for jd edwards enterpriseone. I have downloaded implementation guides like financial management, general accounting, account payable, account receivable etc.

      I have red that I have to create a date pattern, a company, business unit(one of them should be balance sheet business unit) etc.

      I am looking for some guide which can explain to me clearly which is the setup structure in jd edwards.
      So if I make a parallelism with EBS, in E-Business Suite 11g is stated the the first is the Organization, above we have the GRE Legal Entity (setup of books composed of calendar, currency and chart of accounts) ect until inventory units.

      I want some guide which explain also the logic of jdee1. So why the company need business units, which is the difference of BS units with the other ones etc.
      So basically some guide to explain these thing in detail. I have downloaded several guides like the Complete Reference, Security, different implementation guides etc etc but still not being able to find the information that I need.

      Thank you and best regards
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          If you are an Oracle employee, you may download the student guide. Else, following may be used as a reference(is not exhaustive though):

          a.     Setting Up of General Accounting Constants (P0000/F0009)
          b.     Setting Up Fiscal Date Patterns – 14 period and 54 period accounting (P0008/08B), (F0008/08B), (F0902/F0902B), F0911 is common.
          c.     Setting Up of companies (P0010/F0010)
          d.     Setting Up Business Units, including Model (P0006/F0006) - MCU
          e.     Designing and managing the Chart of Accounts (P0901/F0901)
          f.     Creating a Model Chart of Accounts
          g.     Creating Accounts Using Dynamic Account Creation
          h.     Automatic Accounting Instructions (P0012/F0012)

          i.     Multi Currency Setup
          i.     Currency Code – P0013/F0013
          ii.     Designate AR Currency – P03013
          iii.     Designate AP Currency – P04012
          iv.     Currency conversion rates – P0015A

          j.     Next Numbering (P0002)
          i.     By Company
          ii.     By Company and Fiscal Year

          k.     Tax Processing
          i.     Sales Tax, VAT Journals etc.
          ii.     Tax Authorities– P01012
          iii.     Tax Rates/Areas- P4008
          iv.     Tax Rules- P0022
          v.     Tax Explanation Code – P0004A

          l.     Ledger Type Master (P0025)
          m.     Document Type (P0004A)

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            I remember with OW (one world), JDEdwards offers CRP scripts. Excel sheets composed of tasks list (Task ID, Task description, Menu ID, Menu selection, ....) more helful to set up modules. Try to retreive them in the Oraclesupport.com