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    Need of Technical Documents....

      Hi all,

      This is venky. Hope every one fine. I need a small help. We are working for a Canadian client. This client uses JDE 8.0. Recently he upgraded to 9.0. The issue here is during the running of 8.0 my client had deleted 2 columns from all the tables in all modules(F43,F42,F04 ,F03,F09). As all you know that JDE is under the oracle corp. After we went through the tables in all the above modules we came to know that oracle again added some of new columns in 9.0 version. We just wanted to check what are the new columns were added to table from 8.X to 9.X. Can any one of you provide the documents for JDE for all versions like 8.9,8.10,8.11,8.12 and 9.0. It will be very help to us.. Thanks for the help..

      Thanks & Regards,