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    OSB Plugin licensing nightmare

      We would like to use Oracle Enterprise pack for Eclipse for developing Oracle Service Bus applications. OEPE is downloadable from OTN freely, but the OSB plugin is embedded into the full OSB product. We do not want to pay a full OSB license for a lot of development workstations at our company only to develop services. Is it possible to install only the free(?) plugin from OSB to the OEPE development workstations?
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          Eric Elzinga
          the default installation requires you to install the osb locally and this will also install eclipse + the plugin for you.
          don't think you can only install the plugin without the middleware installation itself
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            Development licence can be applied for.pure.developers. For.corporations.like us we have to buy all.licenses for.development. What is crazy that Oracle force us to license a server product for every PC we use for development, beause the plugin is not downloadable separately :-( We checked.it with local sales and true
            Nobody will use this way the plugin, because the osb server license cost for all.PCs is simple not justifiable. This was a very bad packaing decision from Oracle
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              Eric Elzinga
              for as far i know when you want to install it on a developer pc you don't need to pay for the license.
              when you deploy to some otap enviroment with osb, then you should pay license indeed (i guess ...)
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                Unfortunately the otn development license is for dev. companies but for enterprise companies with projects you have to pay for it. No problem with this,oepe is not under olsa but otn licensing, but the plugin is under olsa, this is crazy fir us.