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    AIA Diagram


      We are in a SOA project, the company has just bought oracle soa suite and AIA for integration, we are a telco company.
      we are using AIA as canonical data model but, we do not have a diagram to understand perfectly all relationships between EBO, i have already seen the EBO in Jdevelope and html documentation, but it is not enough to understand.
      I would like to ask about a diagram to visualize EBO in Enterprise arquitect as uml class diagram, with relationships like agregation and composition, but i do not find a simple way, the way that i find was to import xsd, but it is not a good view too.

      So does anybdody has any experience using AIA/EBO like canonical data model ? how do you do to understand ?

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          We have been using AIA for a year now and we would like to find a diagram as well!
          When we were choosing EBO’s we spent a lot of time browsing around the EBO structure in Jdeveloper to work out which was best. We never found a good way of looking at EBO’s. There is html documentation for each EBO as well which is a little useful but no high level structure explanation.
          Our experiences were simplified by only looking at the Core EBO’s. I will be interested to read this thread and find out other people’s EBO selection process.