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    errno 2=No such file or directory


      I am getting the following error message when i click the Search service manager from Administrative utility dropdown box.
      Index Directory /opt/bea/alui/ptsearchserver/6.5/hostname/index/2/
      Errors since last restart Error while removing lockfile /opt/bea/alui/sharedsearchcluster/requests/indexQueue.lock: errno 2=No such file or directory

      Crawls and other jobs might fail until these errors are resolved and the Search Service is restarted.

      Cluster status
      Cluster home /opt/bea/alui/sharedsearchcluster/

      May i know what could be the problem.

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          I believe this comes too late for you. Still if it would help anyone:

          This could happen if you have multiple nodes and index checkpoints, both configured in your portal and then one of the search nodes have failed at some point of time. Please see the below link for the exact issue description and resolution: