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    Change parameters on network interface card


      Ndd utility says that my ce0 adv_100fdx_cap, adv_100hdx_cap, adv_10fdx_cap, adv_10hdx_cap are read only. Can I set these capabilities to read write??? I'll get a permission denied message, if I try "ndd -set /dev/ce0 adv_100fdx_cap 1" in superuser. My goal is to force NIC to work at 100Mbps with full-duplex operation.

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          Ml Starkey-Oracle

          No, you cannot change the "cap" value. That is fixed, as it is the "CAPability" of the card's driver. Hence read only. What you can change is the "adv_cap .. " params, in other words, what the card is "ADVertising" for capabilities.

          Some folks still use a startup script, but this changes the interface settings long after the card is initialized (since it has to wait for init to run). A bad idea if you are using IPMP or other processes that want the interfaces setup from the kernel.

          The other method is to setup ce.conf. You will need pathing info from /etc/path_to_inst to construct the proper syntax for that file. i don't recall that file exists by default, but you have to create it.

          Not using auto_negotiation is a very bad idea and I don't recommend that. I've sat through waaaay too many confcalls with waaaay too many people to sort through and explain the problems that fixing interface speed/duplex causes. I will bear those scars forever. So that is all I wish to say on this matter : )

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            I appreciate your help, and yes, I was talking about advertise capabilities. I need to connect two workstations with GigabitEthernet optical fiber NIC's through FastEthernet optical fiber