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    Problems Installing JDK 7u2 Windows 64-bit

      I've downloaded the Development Kit but for some reason it won't install. I try clicking on it and nothing...

      Help please.
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          I have exactly the same problem. 7u1 install cleanly. 7u4 preview and 8 preview do not install. Windows XP SP3/x86.
          It is also weird that Oracle does not give a .zip installation for windows. But the strangest of all is that jre 7u2 installs without problems.

          Using windows sysinternals I see that the package extracts everything in my Documents and setting folders. But after Java FX extraction something happens and it rolls back.

          Please add a .zip file for jdk on windows like you do on Linux.

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            I am having the exact same problem...

            I didn't quite understand what you meant by adding the .zip!!

            Do you mean, add .zip to the end of the jdk-7u2-windows-x64.exe?

            Could you explain please?

            Many thanks BenH
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              Sorry for my phrasing. I would like to have jdk not as an install only but also as a zip file. Just un-zip and ready to go (e.g. configure the path to netbeans). For example Google's go is offered with an installer but also as a .zip file.
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                Same issue.
                I've downloaded jdk-7u2-windows-x64.exe a number of times.
                The windows 7 security warning appears asking me if it is OK to run the file.
                I click OK and then the window closes and no installation occurs.

                I've tried uninstalling the JRE 6 that was on my system and no help.
                I also tried installing jre-7u2 for windows 64bit and that didn't change anything either.

                I've tried disabling all of my antivirus components (AVG).
                I've tried running the program as administrator as well as trying to run from command prompt.
                When attempting to run as admin the security warning does not appear but nothing at all happens...

                It would be indeed nice if this was available as a ZIP file so we could do a manual install.
                Not sure what the issue is, seems if the actual installer has a flaw then there would be a lot more comments than I'm finding out there...
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                  Same problems on another WINXP/SP3 x86 PC.
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                    About the zip: Sun used to do that, but ever since U10 I believe this practice was stopped for whatever reason.

                    Of course without the installer you'll miss the following:

                    - browser plugin(s)
                    - jar content type is not tied to javaw (so executable jars don't run)
                    - no webstart support (jnlp content type not configured)
                    - no "default java" (so java.exe is not copied to the system folder)
                    - no JavaFX runtime (I believe the bundling of JavaFX is what gives people the most problems)
                    - no automatic updates

                    Still I'd say that the option should be given to devs to miss all that. I personally don't give a hoot about any of them on my development machine.

                    I believe Oracle should follow in the footsteps of Adobe. If you can't use the Windows Installer to deliver a reliable installation package (either through personal failure or limitations of the tool), roll your own!
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                      We're having exactly the same problem. The installer works on XP development machines, but not on Windows 2003 SP2 server. 7u1 does work on the server. Anyone have any ideas?
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                        Also tried with the early access release of 7u4 (jdk-7u4-ea-bin-b06-windows-x64-28_dec_2011.exe) and get the same problem.

                        This seems like an obvious regression. Is it time to submit a bug report?
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                          I am having the same trouble on Win 7 Pro 64 bit with all current updates. I double click or right-click/open or execute the exe from a command prompt and nothing happens. It acts like I didn't even click it. I need to get development started on a new android project so this is very frustrating having this kind of problem just getting my dev machine set up.

                          Is there any workaround?
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                            The problem of installation of JDK 7u2 on Windows x64 is coming for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of JDK.... However, i have tried installing them on Windows x86 (specifically Win XP SP3 x86 on VirtualBox 4.1.8) and the 32 bit version of JDK seems to be installing just fine on 32 bit Windows.

                            I might be wrong here but maybe the problem is that the 32 bit code on the JDK 7u2 may contain some 16bit code and so the Windows x64 is not able to run it (x64 OS not backwards compatible with 16 bit code). However the chances of this is slim since this is an update and the JDK 7u1 both 32 and 64 bit versions were fine.

                            However if this might have happened, then it is also possible that the 16bit code is also present in the 64 bit version of JDK 7u2 and thats why both the versions are not running on Windows x64.

                            Hoping they fix the issue soon. I need to do some testing and programming on Java 7.
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                              The 32 bit JVM runs perfectly on a 64 bit OS so all this idle speculation is futile. The part about the 64 bit version not running at all implies that the 64 bit release was entirely untested: a particularly bizarre suggestion.
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                                I believe it is not the actual JDK installation that is failing but the JavaFX runtime installation - since U2 this is bundled with the JDK installer.

                                The only thing I can say for sure is that the number of people reporting installation failures has risen sharply since U2, mostly the 64 bits version. There is something going on there.
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                                  I would like to add my name to those reporting failure of J2SE JDK 7u2 both 32 and 64 bit versions. I had no problems with the original version 7 32 and 64 bit JDK. This needs to be fixed, tested on Windows 7 32 and 64 bit systems and released as replacement for 7u2.

                                  Don Higgins
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                                    Ok Looks like they have fixed the problem.... installed it recently and properly on my laptop...

                                    Thank you Oracle.
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