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    java.sql.SQLException: Cursor is closed using beehive jdbc controls


      I am getting java.sql.SQLException: Cursor is closed while trying to return cursor from PL/SQL stored procedure.

      i will paste my code here, please coreect me if i am wrong with the code, at any codt i want to use Beehive Jdbc control.

           SQLParameter[] params = new SQLParameter[5];
           Object obj0 = new String(mobileNumber);
           OracleResultSet resultSet = null;
           Object obj1 = new String(sessionId);
           Object obj2 = new String(serviceCode);
           Object obj3 = new String();
           Object obj4 = resultSet;
           params[0] = new SQLParameter(obj0,Types.VARCHAR, SQLParameter.IN);
           params[1] = new SQLParameter(obj1,Types.VARCHAR, SQLParameter.IN);
           params[2] = new SQLParameter(obj2,Types.VARCHAR, SQLParameter.IN);
           params[3] = new SQLParameter(obj3,Types.VARCHAR, SQLParameter.OUT);
           params[4] = new SQLParameter(obj4,OracleTypes.CURSOR, SQLParameter.OUT);
           try {

      }catch (SQLException e) {
                     // TODO Auto-generated catch block