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    tivoli storage manager error..not able to restore file using rman

      Hi all,

      I an using AIX LF 64-bit as os, and oracle database 10g.Also i am using BR*Tools and Tivoli Storage Manager for backup and storage.During restore operation i am getting following error.file not being restored to server from media manager libary..

      Interface between BR*Tools and Tivoli Storage Manager
      - Version 5, Release 4, Modification 0.1 for AIX LF 64-bit -
      Build: 304B compiled on Jan 15 2007
      (c) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1996, 2007, All Rights Reserved.

      BKI2027I: Using TSM-API version (compiled with
      BKI2000I: Successfully connected to ProLE on port tdpr3ora64.
      BKI0005I: Start of program at: Tue Dec 20 14:05:31 PAKST 2011 .

      -- Parameters --
      Input File : /tmp/eaaBLimie
      Profile : /oracle/PEP/102_64/dbs/initPEP.utl
      Configfile : /oracle/PEP/102_64/dbs/initPEP.bki
      Manual sorting file : disabled
      Tracefile : disabled
      Traceflags : disabled
      Parallel sessions : 2
      Multiplexed files : disabled
      RL compression : disabled
      Exit on error : disabled
      BATCH : disabled
      Buffer size : 131072
      Buffer Copy Mode : SIMPLE
      Redologcopies : disabled
      Versioning : disabled
      Backup Type : unknown
      TSM log server : disabled
      TSM server : with 2 sessions configured
      TSM client node : PEPSRV01
      Days for backup : Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
      Backup mgmt class : MDB
      Archiv mgmt class : MLOG1 MLOG2

      BKI5016I: Time: 12/20/11 14:05:42 New TSM session created: MGMNT-CLASS: , TSM-Server:, type: SIMPLE
      BKI0027I: Time: 12/20/11 14:05:47 Object: 1 of 1 in process: /oracle/PEP/sapbackup/behjszif.aff Size: 67.991 KB, MGMNT-CLASS: MDB, TSM-Server: .
      BKI0101I: Please enter 'c[ont]' to continue or 's[top]' to cancel.
      BKI0102I: Your reply: 's'.
      BKI5010E: Tivoli Storage Manager Error:
      ANS1314E (RC14)   File data currently unavailable on server
      BKI1230E: The following file was not processed: /oracle/PEP/sapbackup/behjszif.aff.

      #ERROR /oracle/PEP/sapbackup/behjszif.aff
      BKI1215I: Average transmission rate was 0.000 GB/h (0.000 MB/sec).
      BKI0020I: End of program at: Tue Dec 20 14:07:27 PAKST 2011 .
      BKI0021I: Elapsed time: 01 min 56 sec .
      BKI0024I: Return code is: 2.
      BKI0024I: Return code is: 2.
      Press ENTER to continue ...

      I am bit confused that..why this error coming..for any database(RMAN) eror..or due to some tivoli error.Plz help...

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