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    Windows App launch command in OSGD 4.62

      Hi guys,

      please leave me your input about format to launch a Windows App(hosted on Win2008 Server) from OSGS "Launch" tab in OSGD 4.62

      So , in
      Application Command

      The full path to the application that runs when users click the link.
      The application must be installed in the same location on all application servers.

      Leave this field blank if you want to run a Windows desktop session."

      For example, my WinApp Server is acme.com. I need to connect to a simple application: wordpad.exe

      I entered only: %ProgramFiles%\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe in Launch->Application Command

      launch taken from "Target" field from Wordpad Properties box, on Windows2008 box.

      Still , looks like not a valid entry for OSGD. I am less experience in this stuff, should I try with smb://...., or started with IP address/server domain name ?

      The Error message for Connection Progress: ErrCommandExecutionFailed Script 11568 exited with code 7 and signal 0.

      Pls let me know your view over it, eventually an example for better uderstanding

      Best Regards,

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          full path does not mean use variables

          %ProgramFiles%\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe

          expand the variable to full path beginning with c:\
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            I have change the Application Command variables to


            Now I am getting a strange error mesage when trying to launch the Notepad from WebTop:

            The following SOAP Fault was received from the server: Launch failed

            Please contact the administrator

            I also enbled logging all errors and I;ve got the below output from my error.all log file:

            2011/12/22 14:55:23.047 (pid 16935) server/csh/info #1324562123047
            Sent a message of type notifyApplicationsEnded to the Secure Global Desktop Client.

            2011/12/22 14:55:23.047 (pid 16935) server/soap/moreinfo #1324562123048
            Finished serveroutpost->applicationsended. Count is 638.

            2011/12/22 14:55:29.592 (pid 16935) server/replication/info #1324562129592
            Received and processed a delta replication with action "create"
            for .../_dns/localhost.localdomain/_service/sco/tta/session/localhost.localdomain:1324562110345:-5329206026591273064.

            2011/12/22 14:55:29.593 (pid 16935) audit/session/auditinfo #1324562129593
            Started webtop session for user .../_service/sco/tta/ldapcache/CN=ssgd_ldap,OU=FunctionalAccounts,DC=acme,DC=com.
            Secure Global Desktop server: localhost.localdomain
            Security method: std
            Webtop location: localhost.localdomain

            If somebody have any idea how I can go further or at least define a better logging configuration, please advice.
            My Log Filter looks as follow: