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    How to reclaim the space used for LOBSEGMENT, which is growing fast


      DB version
      OS RHEL v4
      Envi RAC on ASM

      On the production, in one of the schemas (PR_AA) on the tablespace PR_AA, i have

      1) a table (Table1) which has 3 columns of CLOB datatype. Current size of this table is 65 GB.
      2) Two LOBSEGMENTS 85GB + 25GB =110GB
      3) about 10 Indexes of Table1 are of 15 to 17 GB

      Table1 is being purged on a daily basis, but still the tablespace is growing like anything ( now the over all size of the tablespace is itself 190GB).

      What i need is,

      Q1 . Ways to reclaim the purged space from the table1.

      Q2. How to shrink the table/ tablespace? Is it possible to do it online without impacting the users/business?

      Q3. How to shrink/maintain LOBSEGMENTS space, that is , how to control the size or reclaim the space from LOBSEGMENT after the daily purge on the Table1?

      Quick help is much appreciated and thank you in advance.